How Does LeaseNet Stand Out From The Crowd?

One of Our Best Features : Premium Internet Routing

What is it?: We have worked hard in 2016 to bring ultra fast routing for common sites on the internet. We have specifically peered (partnered) with major sites like Facebook, Linked-In, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and many more to bring our customers unbelievable traffic speeds. We added this service to all of our existing customers, no charge, because we simply believe it needed to be part of every business internet connection already.

For the more technically minded: We brought round trip travel time on data packets from about 30ms - 40ms to down under 0.5 ms. That is a decrease in travel time of almost 60 times faster. Yes, we said 60 times faster. Here are some of the example numbers of real roundtrip travel times from LeaseNet to some popular sites.

Optimized Routing Roundtrip

Site milliseconds 0.347 0.347 0.354 0.361 0.344 0.386 0.345 0.352 0.349 0.366 0.343 0.353 0.354